Week Four Wrap Up


This week I went with pink in my Kikki K planner! The tape I used top and bottom isn’t Washi, it’s more like just coloured sticky tape, shiny and glossy. The purple tape is proper washi, and I got both from Warehouse stationary. The post its are by Lah Dee Dah, the stickers and animal stamp by smiggle and the love it stamp by typo.

As you can see I didn’t have a lot going on this week, barely got anything done since my surgery on Monday. They put me in a full above elbow cast on my dominant hand, which essentially means I can do nothing.

*Sigh*… Oh well, bring on next week.


Week Three Wrap up!


I can’t believe we’re at the end of the third week of 2014 already! It’s going by far too fast!

Here’s what I ended up with at the end of the week. Obviously I went for a green theme this week, with nature and frog themed stickers (ignoring the pear that I added cos it smells so nice!).

I was a little busier this week as I had job applications to turn in, things to organise before I move out in Feb, and I wanted to get as much done as possible this week because I am having surgery on my arm on Monday and so won’t be particularly productive next week!

Basically everything here I got from Warehouse Stationary save the pear sticker which was from Smiggle.

How was your week? What did you do with your Filo this week? How did you like the green-themed week?

Catch you later

Week Two Wrap-Up


Here’s my week two set up.

I tried to make it a little themey, started off with some really pretty butterfly washi tape I got from Spotlight. The big butterfly on the left page I cut from some spare cards I had lying around.

As you can see I’m still on holiday, so not an awful lot going on. I’m still experimenting with my Todos, as you can see the ones on the left are in a slightly different format from the ones on the right. Still not sure. Any thoughts on how you organise your todos would be awesome. I’m trying to very basically implement the GTD system, using the To Do stickies on my dashboard as my ‘inbox’, then moving things onto the right day or appropriate Todo list in the section further back. It’s working okay for now, not sure how it will handle my busier schedule come Feb.

I liked the colours this week but I think it’s a little simple. Any opinions? Advice? I’m still very much an newbie decorator/scrapbooker, so I’d appreciate any thoughts.

Oh and one last thing! I just noticed today that the notepad in the back of my planner is the exact same size as the insert pages! Which essentially means I have a whole bunch of extra paper right there! I just have to punch the holes and I’m away. Very exciting!