Week One Wrap Up

Seeing as it’s Sunday (in New Zealand at least), and the end of the first week in my planner, I thought I would show off my layout for this week. Bear in mind this was my first go at decorating and designing, and so the results are a little all over the place. I was really playing around with all the things I had bought rather than coming up with a coherent theme. I promise next week is much prettier.


The green page marker on the left is the other half of the set I bought from Kikki-k, I’ll show it off a little more in part two of the planner walkthrough. I hadn’t really discovered the joys of washi tape when I did this spread, and I think the lack of colour shows. The LOVE IT stamp is from Typo, and the popsicle sticker and pawprint stamp are from Smiggle. The stickers are actually awesome, they smell like lollies and apples, yum!. The Hello Beautiful post it came in a Lah de dah (I think thats how you spell it!) set I got from Warehouse Stationary.

So that’s week number one, I swear there are better layouts to come!

Catch you later


A good look at my 2014 planner setup – Part 1

Over the past few weeks I’ve become more than a little addicted to looking at other peoples Filofaxes and planners on the internet. People are so creative with their planning and organising their lives it has inspired me to do the same. At the same time I thought I would share my journey with the World Wide Web!

Today I’m going to show you guys through my Kikki-k planner and the way I’ve set it out. It’s absolutely beautiful, I think I’m a little bit in love. Now bear in mind that the way I have my planner set up will not be perfect for everyone. The different sections and dividers really depend on what you need on hand most often.

Also, although I have really tried to make my planner pretty, it’s no use to me at all if it isn’t functional. So even though I’ve decorated it in a bunch of different ways, I’ve had to make sure that I can still use it to plan and organise my life.


This is what I see when I first open my planner. On the left hand side there is a large secretarial pocket where I keep a few sheets of stickers (I’ll show these off in a later post). The three other pockets have a butterfly post-it pad in blue, a small “Today” post it pad, and some smaller decorative post its. On the right is my dashboard, or my front page. I made it out of an old card, sticking the front and back together and then cutting it to size. Then I stuck the post it pads onto it and added 2014 along the top. I think it looks pretty good. The pen loop on the right hand side has a random blue ballpoint pen that I liked because it’s chunky and easy to hold.


On the back of my dashboard I have my colour-coding key that I use in my calendars. As you can see I have a few different aspects of my life that need organising and so colour coding them makes it easy for me to see what’s going on. The dividers came with the Kikki-k planner, I just decorated them with some washi tape to cover the labels. This means I can rearrange things without having to re-label the dividers. The little bunny page marker on the divider came in a two pack from Kikki-k.


The month on two page (MTP) inserts were included with the planner and start of the calendar section. On these pages I’m just putting major dates like birthdays, semester dates, and key events. Appointments and smaller events will probably just stay on the weekly calendars later on. The bookmark helps get to the relevant month quickly. Because I’m on holiday at the moment, from work and uni, I don’t have a lot going on this month. I tried to co-ordinate the stars with the purple and yellow washi tape, but not sure how good of a job I did.

I was going to go through my entire planner in this post, but this post is getting longer and longer and I’m barely halfway done. That means there will be a part two!

Let me know any comments or feedback on my planner and the post, and any questions you might have.

Catch you later!

Who am I and why am I here?

Hi guys!

I’ve decided to start this blog to share my new-found love of planners and stationary and stickers with the world! Happily, this decision coincided with the start of the Zero to Hero blogging challenge set by the Daily Post. The link to this challenge is on the right hand side. Day 1’s challenge is to answer a very philosophical question: who am I and why am I here? (Here being WordPress.com!)

Well, after spending days and weeks trailing Pinterest and the general interweb looking at other people’s amazing Filofaxes and planners, I just had to have one myself to start off 2014 right! I have always loved stationary and the like, but since university I’ve been buying and using more for practicality than prettiness and eye-candy. This year I am hoping to do both.

2014 is going to be an interesting year for me. I’m quarter-way through a two year grad school programme in Biology, and after June this year I will be working on a Master’s project. I have also landed a job as a resident assistant in one of the halls at my university. All this means I will need to be super organised this year, and I thought why not do it in style!

I’ll be using this blog to show off my new stationary, planner, and the designs I come up with for each week. I’ll also discuss organisation and other fun things I find to do with my planner and stationary. Later this week I will do a full planer walk through post, but for now here is a picture of my planner in all its glory.


It’s a Kikki-k medium planner that I bought on sale in December. It’s really pretty as you can see, and is made of this durable and lovely-feeling canvas material.

So I hope that’s given a quick insight into me and what this blog is all about.

Catch you next time!