Week Five Wrap Up… and Update

This week has been almost as unproductive as last week. I was still in a cumbersome elbow cast and on a drug cocktail which made focusing on anything rather difficult. I still managed to get some decorating in though.

Here’s my week 5 spread.

20140204-044725 pm.jpg

I can’t remember where I got these washi tapes from, I think from Spotlight. The stickers are Smiggle and Warehouse stationary, and the post its are from Kikki-K.

Now on to the update. On Friday I was offered a job I applied for as a tutor for the first year Biology students at my university. I decided to celebrate with a new Filofax! I’d been looking at the Saffiano, and picked the Aqua colour since I already have a pink and a purple binder.

20140204-045404 pm.jpg

I really love her! It’s a beautiful colour, and functional inside just how I like it.

20140204-045454 pm.jpg

I also decorated the Filofax dividers with some washi to freshen up my set up.

20140204-045532 pm.jpg

I thought I should add in a dedicated Uni section since classes will be starting in March, and since the Saffiano contained some education inserts that I hadn’t seen before.

20140204-045627 pm.jpg

So that’s it for this week! I’m hoping to do a stationary stash blog post at some point this week, but I’m moving house on Sunday so I’m not sure how likely that is.

Have a good week!


Week Four Wrap Up


This week I went with pink in my Kikki K planner! The tape I used top and bottom isn’t Washi, it’s more like just coloured sticky tape, shiny and glossy. The purple tape is proper washi, and I got both from Warehouse stationary. The post its are by Lah Dee Dah, the stickers and animal stamp by smiggle and the love it stamp by typo.

As you can see I didn’t have a lot going on this week, barely got anything done since my surgery on Monday. They put me in a full above elbow cast on my dominant hand, which essentially means I can do nothing.

*Sigh*… Oh well, bring on next week.