Week Five Wrap Up… and Update

This week has been almost as unproductive as last week. I was still in a cumbersome elbow cast and on a drug cocktail which made focusing on anything rather difficult. I still managed to get some decorating in though.

Here’s my week 5 spread.

20140204-044725 pm.jpg

I can’t remember where I got these washi tapes from, I think from Spotlight. The stickers are Smiggle and Warehouse stationary, and the post its are from Kikki-K.

Now on to the update. On Friday I was offered a job I applied for as a tutor for the first year Biology students at my university. I decided to celebrate with a new Filofax! I’d been looking at the Saffiano, and picked the Aqua colour since I already have a pink and a purple binder.

20140204-045404 pm.jpg

I really love her! It’s a beautiful colour, and functional inside just how I like it.

20140204-045454 pm.jpg

I also decorated the Filofax dividers with some washi to freshen up my set up.

20140204-045532 pm.jpg

I thought I should add in a dedicated Uni section since classes will be starting in March, and since the Saffiano contained some education inserts that I hadn’t seen before.

20140204-045627 pm.jpg

So that’s it for this week! I’m hoping to do a stationary stash blog post at some point this week, but I’m moving house on Sunday so I’m not sure how likely that is.

Have a good week!


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