My brand new planner!

A few days ago I mentioned that I caved in and bought a real-life Filofax! I got the email yesterday telling me it had shipped, and thanks to the awesome Kiwi postal service, when I got up this morning there was a beautiful box sitting on my doorstep!

It came with this random airbag cushioning thing.


Ten points if you can guess which Filo it is….


Here she is! A beautiful personal apex in fuchsia! I know I know, Filofax purists calm down. I’m not saying I don’t like the leather Filos, but they’re just not my style. The pink and green apex’s are a little too extreme, but this purple one really called out to me.


These are all in inserts after I gutted it out. There wasn’t as much notepaper as I was expecting, I was hoping to utilise it in my new layout. I’m going to use the A/Z tabs as a note “filing cabinet” type thing, which I saw on PlannerLuv’s youtube channel. Good way to store all those random notes that you need on hand but don’t really fit any where else. I’m also going to use the filofax WO2P as a health diary of sorts.

Has anyone got any tips on covering the dividers? The colours are hideous… but I don’t think I have enough Washi to cover the whole thing…

Here she is all lovely and stuffed. I think I like the apex, its much sleeker than my Kikki-K, although it doesn’t seem to hold as much.


Just on a final note, did any one else only get TWO pieces of Todo paper with their filo? TWO? That just seems silly…


So what do you think of my new filo? Are you for or against the Apex? Any layout or decorating ideas? Share your filo’s with me!


6 thoughts on “My brand new planner!

  1. My very first Filo was a Personal Apex in black. It was OK, but I didn’t really care for the bright orange elastic strap, so I upgraded to a black Compact Metropol and then to my grey Personal Malden, which, I think, could be my One True Filofax.

  2. I firmly believe that the best Filofax is the Filofax that makes you happy…so if the Apex called to you, I’m glad you found something that suits your style. It would be silly to buy a leather Filo if you’re not a leather Filo person. By the way, I think the Apex will wear nicer than the canvas Kikki-K 🙂

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