A good look at my planner setup – Part 2 – Plus NEWS!

A few days ago I posted the first part of my planner walkthrough. The link can be found on the right.

I left off on the monthly pages. The divider below is the start of the weekly calendars. I absolutely LOVE the dividers in the Kikki-K planners, they are so pretty! They are part of the Dreaming collection that Kikki-K has going at the moment. Lovely pinks and mint colours… Yummy. The fox page marker is the second half of a set that included the bunny.


The planner also came with week on two page inserts. They’re very good looking, with lots of empty space for writing and decorating. One of the reasons I didn’t buy a Filofax planner is that the inserts are too cluttered with the extra languages and words. These inserts are lovely and spacious. Simple is best I think as it leaves room to add your own personal touches. I haven’t gotten around to decorating this spread yet, and I wanted to save this week for Sunday.


This is my To Do list divider, again it’s just so pretty! I’ve covered the labels with Washi tape, and I think they came out okay.


These are a few of my To Do lists I made for my courses next semester. I think they look good! The post its and stickers are from Warehouse Stationary.



This section I’m not really sure what to do with yet. At the moment I have it allocated for Uni notes, but I’m really not sure. I guess I just like the divider. I’m sure I’ll find some use for it.


This last section is for expenses. I’ve never really kept track of my finances like this, but I am terrible with money so I thought maybe it would do some good. Still not sure… I’m going to give it until the end of Feb and see how it goes. For now it can stay.


Lastly there is a pocket in the back for a notepad. Not sure how much I will use this, but it will always be handy to have somewhere to jot. Also, I have left a divider back here to protect the inserts and to help everything fit in nicely. I’ve found it stops the last pages bending when I close the planner.


To finish off, I have two quick things to share. Firstly, when I started packing this planner with inserts and sticky notes, I was worried that the front would get warped where the strap clicked on, because it had to bend pretty far to be able to close properly. Now I am happy to report that I have bent the planner to my will, and the whole front cover has bent smoothly to accommodate everything I have stuffed in there. Much less damaging I think.


Finally, my exciting news! I have been tempted over and over again to buy a ‘real’ filofax planner. They look so pretty and much better quality materials. One gripe I have with my Kikki-K planner is that although the canvas material is pretty and quite sturdy, it is already getting grubby after only a few weeks, spending most of it’s time sitting on my desk. So yesterday I caved, and ordered a Filofax brand planner online (sharp cookies may have noticed on my expenses page). It’s coming from the UK because I couldn’t get the colour I wanted in stores here, so it’ll be here in a few weeks. I’m going to keep you in suspense as to which one I ordered until then, although I will say it is personal size. I don’t think I could deal with any other size.

On that note, I will say goodbye. Let me know what you think of my planner set up, if you have any comments or suggestions I would love to hear them!


5 thoughts on “A good look at my planner setup – Part 2 – Plus NEWS!

  1. That kikki.K is gorgeous, but there’s just something about a Filofax, isn’t there?

    Also, as a New Zealander, maybe you can answer me this question: If you bought your new planner from Filofax UK, did you have to pay any VAT? (I asked FF UK that question four months ago, and I STILL haven’t gotten a response!)

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